Ice Cream Of The Gods

Mango, peach, strawberry and walnut

Mamey, pine nuts, strawberry and cherry.

Cheese, cream, strawberry jam and honey.

Citric juices with chopped fruit (strawberry, peach, mango and pineapple). Sugar free.

Cherry, pineapple, peach and pear.

Chocolate cookies.

Mixed berries with yogurt.

Apple, banana, strawberry, yogurt.

Dark chocolates.

Roses petals and honey.

Blackberries with cheese.

Mixed berries with yogurt.

Vanilla cake with dark chocolate, cherry and walnut.

Three diferents mangos, cheese and cream.

Dark chocolate, white chocolate, hazelnut and chocolate chips.

Strawberry, peach, apple and yogurt.

Cheese cake, rose petals an honey.

Apple, peach, mango, pineapple and yogurt.

Traditional Ice Cream


Yogurt base

Orientals Ice Cream

Myrrh and cinnamon

Gourmet Ice Cream

Two blends of vanilla with dark and white chocolate pieces, dark chocolate and cocoa.

Ice Cream whit licor

Tequila with darks and semi dark chocolate and cacao.

Nieves enchiladas

Apricot, mango and peach with chile.

Citric juice, tamarind with chile.